We work with organisations that have something to say

We like to work with organisations sharing ideas and information that has an impact on people. Our tagline ‘content with substance, beautifully crafted’ summarises our commitment to using our hard-won skills to help spread important messages and we strive to make everything we do meaningful, impactful, effective and attractive

We work to understand their needs

No two companies have exactly the same needs. But in decades of working with clients we’ve found some things to be near universal – insight, talent, speed, value, unity of purpose, ease of access, a relationship of trust and good reporting.

We work to understand their messages

We aim to be an extension of the in-house comms teams we work with. That means that we don’t wait to be told what to do, but bring fully formed and appropriate editorial and production proposals to the table.

We endeavour to understand our clients’ business needs and their messages deeply enough to help them intepret, clarify and communicate them better. 

We make a plan that meets their needs

We’re already structured in a way that helps us meet the needs we know most clients will have, but we will think hard about how to meet the specific challenges of each individual organisation we work with. Taking the time to really listen is half the battle.

We find the right medium for the message

We think you should always lead with the content. Before you communicate anything, you need to know what you want to say, who you need to say it to and why it’s important.

Only then can you determine the best medium for the content based on audience appetite and message complexity.

We find the right people for the job

Fourth Estate Creative brings a huge amount of experience across every aspect of multi-platform publishing and content creation. We work hard to understand client objectives and fulfil them with our in-house team or freelance talent.

But much of our creative work is done by our large network of tried-and-tested freelancers: a mix of people our core team has worked with for more than a decade and new talent discovered through our Freelance Fellowship website.

When working with traditional agencies, you get the designer, copywriter or director they hired. When working with us you’ll get one selected especially for your needs.

We take our responsibility seriously

We believe that, at its best, content with real substance and purpose, properly and honestly communicated, is just about the most valuable commodity we have.

Whether we’re producing marketing or editorial content we take seriously our impact on the information ecosystem and remain committed to truth, sincerity and professionalism.