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4EC Hints & Tips: Search Engine Optimisation

Our series of hints and tips is designed to give you a very brief focus on the most important things to keep in mind when doing various content and marketing tasks. This time, we're looking at search engine optimisation (SEO)

Before embarking on a session of search engine optimisation (SEO), remind yourself of these key elements to keep in mind:

  1. Focus on website speed & remove anything that slows it down (check Google PageSpeed Insights)
  2. Link out to other trustworthy sites with relevant content
  3. Write your content for people – not search engines
  4. Invest your time and resource in creating quality content to build a natural link profile
  5. Focus on well-crafted – and accurate – meta descriptions for each and every page of your website
  6. Use simple and structured URLs
  7. Images are important in SEO – use the right keywords when naming and describing your images
  8. Create fresh content consistently

This article was contributed by our good friends at Muve Media & Marketing. If you need any assistance with SEO or any other aspect of advertising or marketing we recommend you get in touch.