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4EC Hints & Tips: Social Media

Our series of hints and tips is designed to give you a very brief focus on the most important things to keep in mind when doing various content and marketing tasks. This time, we're looking at social media.

Before embarking on a session of social media, remind yourself of these key elements to keep in mind:

  1. Promote posts that are performing well organically
  2. If you use LinkedIn – A useful part of an inbound marketing strategy would be to use their publishing platform to showcase your expertise
  3. Treat your social pages like your website
  4. Sharing gated content such as webinars, videos and white papers
  5. Create polls and surveys to offer a unique way for people to express their opinions
  6. Quality over quantity – Determine which platforms suit your business and focus on building these profiles – not all platforms will be relevant.
  7. Regularly run a competitor audit (check out tips on how to do this here)
  8. Whenever possible, use images, videos and graphics – engagement is much higher than text alone
  9. Use a social media management solution to streamline your social media marketing activities and increase your productivity.

This article was contributed by our good friends at Muve Media & Marketing. If you need any assistance with social media or any other aspect of advertising or marketing we recommend you get in touch.