Trading Standards (CTSI)

February 1, 2019
July 12, 2023

Message: The message for this video from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) was a simple one: that domestic consumer rights would remain unchanged before and immediately after Brexit, and that businesses should make that message clear to their consumers.

Medium: We therefore created a short, simple script to be read over a mixture of b-roll footage, and bold typographic visuals, directing viewers to the government’s dedicated EU Exit page to stay up-to-date.

Audience: The audience for the video was businesses, especially smaller ones that may not have easy access to legal and professional advice, that might be concerned about the continuing uncertainty over Brexit’s impact on them and who may be passing those concerns onto consumer, thereby undermining confidence.

Marketing: The video was published on the Journal of Trading Standards YouTube channel and embedded on the website, being promoted to members and attendees through email marketing and social media. It was also separately published and marketed by CTSI.

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