Journal of Trading Standards | Podcast

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Message: As part of our work to relaunch the publication and communications strategy of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) we were asked to help them consolidate their position as ‘the voice of the trading standards profession’.

Medium: The print magazine and website were central to our communications approach, but we knew there was a sense in which the membership needed to genuinely hear the voice of the profession. To add to the video interviews we publish, we launched the ‘Made to Measure’ audio podcast – a fortnightly collection of original interviews with experts from inside and outside the profession, focussed on a new topic each episode. Like email marketing, podcasts encourage a subscription approach, which makes it easier to reliably and actively reach the audience.

Audience: The main audience for the podcast is practitioners themselves. Trading standards has seen a huge drop in numbers over the last few years and more than ever new entrants to the profession need to have every opportunity to learn directly from the experiences and perspectives of the profession’s authorities. For existing professionals, regaining the community sharing of ideas and insights for which there is less and less budget is equally important.

Marketing: The podcast is listed on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify and other major platforms and is regularly marketed through the email marketing and social channels which we manage for the Journal of Trading Standards.

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