Flying Colours

January 20, 2019
July 12, 2023

Flying Colours wanted to create a campaign microsite around the call to action ‘pay attention to your pension’, which would walk the target market through the approaches that might be best for them, whether they were already retired or just planning ahead.

The platform needed to be interactive since there were many different potential use cases, so we create an easy-to-use interface from which users could select the options most important to them in order to get tailored advice, ultimately leading to an appropriate pension plan or approach. The demographic we were targeting is increasingly confident online, but we made sure that the interface was simple and intuitive as planning for such a big decision can be daunting and overwhelming.

The customers who visit the Flying Colours site are of various ages, depending on whether they are starting to research pension products, nearing retirement or already receiving a pension. We identified the key reasons why customers would require information on pensions, along with the solutions that Flying Colours provides, and combined it all to make an interface that is specific to the user and guides them to an appropriate pension plan.

This project was concept, write, design and build only, but we assisted in the promotion of the site by creating visual, written and video assets for use in the marketing campaign.

Campaign Microsite
Campaign Website