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Message: First Intuition is an accountancy training provider with study centres around the UK. The company is differentiated from the larger legacy players in the market through its commitment to providing a more personalised educational service to students and apprentices. We were brought in to help create an eCommerce Website that reflected that focus on the importance of individual experience.

Medium: First Intuition is primarily an eCommerce business, so our challenge was to balance the relaxed and personalised feel we wanted to achieve in the design and the purposeful and constructive content with an interface that facilitates quick and easy purchases. We wanted to drive the company to allow content-driven user journeys, which we achieved through the use of a content hub and ‘quick link’ modules that can be interspersed throughout the site.

Audience: A further challenge to the project was the two somewhat separate audiences to whom we needed to appeal. The first is students in the age range 18-34, who may be looking to start or improve their careers through training. We wanted the warmth and dedication of the First Intuition staff (that was abundantly in evidence in our early workshops) to come through in the design and content and also provide these young people with inspiring stories of the successes of their peers. The second was the employers, for whom clear return on investment of both time and money needed to be demonstrated. To help direct these two different user types we created a separate navigation for each always available from the head menu. This allows learners and employers visiting the site to jump straight into information relevant to their situation

Marketing: Content-led sites, eCommerce Website, or otherwise, need a balance of passive and active marketing. The site launched a few days before the end of 2018, and SEO has been the key focus since launch, with a content-led marketing mix of Adwords, social platforms, community forums and trade sites to follow throughout H1 2019.

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