Trading Standards (CTSI)

February 2, 2019
July 12, 2023

Each year the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) holds a major event for trading standards professionals to come together with government departments, consumer groups and associated businesses to share knowledge, develop skills and converse. We were invited along to the event to interview and film the event as it unfolded over 3 long, lively summer days in Nottingham.

We captured all the goings on from the Consumer Minister’s Keynote on the first morning to the awards ceremony dinner and dance on the final night, cutting the footage together into an event coverage video package that could serve as a memento to the packed schedule for the attendees and a promotion to prospective delegates of the following year’s event.

The video was intended to be a fond reminder to the community of trading standards professionals who joined the event and an enticement to attendees for next year’s event – as such we tried to capture the mixture of poignancy, professionalism, positivity and pleasure that characterised the event.

The video was published on the Journal of Trading Standards YouTube channel and embedded on the website, being promoted to members and attendees through email marketing and social media.

Event Coverage Video
Event Coverage