UK Govt: OPSS | Explainer Video Series

(Watch the videos on our YouTube channel here)

Message: This explainer video series for the Office for Product Safety & Standards had several specific messages under one broad banner of project safety. We created videos and marketed them for each topic – fireworks, laser pointers, online purchases, product recalls and finally Christmas safety – over a period of 6 weeks.

Medium: The messages needed to be easily absorbed and video was a perfect way of doing this. The medium is passive so consumers don’t need to put in much effort to access the messages, its easily shareable and video is a highly evocative medium useful when you are seeking an emotional response.

Audience: We were asked to make the videos as widely accessible as possible. The audience will vary significantly in terms of prior knowledge, so we needed to keep the content interesting for both those that are new to the topics and those that are in more familiar territory.

Marketing: The explainer video series was hosted on YouTube in a playlist and promoted through organic and paid-for social media by the Journal of Trading Standards, The Chartered Trading Standards Institute and the Office for Product Safety & Standards (which sponsored the video).

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