UK Govt: OPSS | Print Advert

Message: As part of a wider programme of work for the Office for Product Safety & Standards we were asked to create a print advert communicating the availability of the BSI’s new code of practice for product recalls.

Medium: While the guide was available to download online, we wanted to run the message in the context of the print issue of Journal of Trading Standards magazine, where it would not be crowded out by the numerous messages the target audience would be receiving every day in their work environment.

Audience: There were two main audiences for the message – manufacturers, importers and distributors of non-food products and regulators such as trading standards.

Marketing: The former audience was much more difficult to cost-effectively target, but the latter audience was not only easier to target but also largely responsible for providing advice to the former, thereby acting like audience influencers. By using a targeted magazine for regulators therefore we knew the message would trickle down to the whole audience.

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