February 15, 2019
July 14, 2023

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy was looking to launch a new in-depth print guide series under the banner ‘Business in Focus’ to help businesses in a selection of sectors better understand and comply with consumer law.

The flagship product of the campaign would be 6 print booklets, ranging from 12-60 pages – but as with most of our print projects there would also be online coverage in the form of web pages, virtual editions and downloadable versions of the print PDF files (which we redesigned in a second version with fewer images and less colour to facilitate office and home printing).

The audiences for each project ranged from niche and specific (car traders, care home registered managers) to the very broad (the booklets about Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Marketplaces are relevant to the vast majority of UK businesses).

We were also entrusted with the marketing of the guides which ranged in a campaign covering several weeks from paid social, web PPC and print advertising in trade and business press to print and distribution of booklets and specific event coverage.

The Business in Focus series is featured on the Business Companion website or you can flick through a selection of the guides by clicking the links below:

Print Guide Series
Print Guide