January 11, 2019
July 12, 2023

(You can view or download the posters here: Online Consumers | Online Sellers | Online Platforms)

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) is an intergovernmental economic organisation with 36 member countries. The organisation wanted to promote its global awareness campaign on the safety of products sold online with key messages for online consumers, online sellers and online platforms.

The messages – very important and potentially life-saving ones – are simple enough to communicate, but easily forgotten or ignored, so we proposed a series of posters, one for each audience, which would allow people to take in the information quickly ad easily, with particularly companies able to print and display them within their offices.

Online consumers, sellers and platforms were three distinct audiences for the messages, and each got their own tailored poster.

Consumers are the most at-risk group here, but also the least likely to seek out the information or to print and keep it for reference. We therefore kept this poster very simple, with everything you need to know in clear headlines and supported it with a social media campaign, using the OECD’s hashtag #SafeProductsOnline.

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