Connect For Life

July 12, 2023
July 14, 2023

Connect for Life, a charity providing day care for people with dementia, got in touch with us because they wanted a way to share the experience of the safe, welcoming and caring – but fun and stimulating – environment they offer.

They knew that many of the people they could help the most could have preconceptions, hesitations and reservations about the service and that nothing would set them at their ease like actually experiencing a day in the life of the centre. They knew we could help them offer the next best thing – a video that captured the warmth and spirit of the founders and their team of volunteers.

Our team headed up to their beautiful location in Oswestry to spend the day filming the activities and speaking to the founders, volunteers and carers about what the service means to them. It was an honour for us to hear and help them share their story.

We produced one ten-minute film package to introduce prospective service users to the team and their approach and experience a ‘day in the life’ of the centre and also created a series of interview videos hearing directly from the carers – for whom the service makes a huge difference – the volunteers and the founders themselves.

Founders Interviews

Volunteers Interviews

Carers Interviews

Main package social cut
Promotional Video Series
Promotional Video