Brexit Think Tank

February 7, 2019
July 12, 2023

The CTSI Brexit Think Tank was set up to discuss the likely ways in which the UK’s withdrawal from the EU would affect trading standards services’ ability to enforce regulations and protect consumers. Set up well in advance of the withdrawal date, we wanted to speak to the gathered experts for this video interview series to get a snapshot of their thinking on the areas they covered and their hopes and concerns for the process.

The goal of the think tank was to put together a detailed report of the challenges and opportunities in a post-EU Britain. We knew that to develop interest in the initiative we need to capture a more broad-strokes and candid picture of the concerns of those with deep domain expertise. We asked each the same simple questions, looking to illicit a frank statement of what they thought was as stake through the negotiations.

The eventual audience would be central government and other political decision-makers and regulators, but at this stage we wanted to raise the profile of the project among trading standards practitioners, another reason why hearing from the experts within the community directly would work well.

The videos were hosted on YouTube and embedded on the Journal of Trading Standards website and promoted through email marketing and social media.

Video Interview Series
Video Interview