Flying Colours | Video Interview Series

(Watch the videos on our YouTube channel here)

Message: The key message running across this video series was the client’s tagline: ‘Advice makes you money’ – in this context, for those approaching retirement, good advice can save you from costly mistakes. We wanted to underline and expand that message by discussing both how people gain from advice and how people lose from not taking it.

Medium: We interviewed Flying Colours’s CEO Guy Myles on video as we knew him to be an eloquent and passionate speaker who could help viewers build trust with the organisation by seeing goals driving the business. After filming, we cut the video down into more dynamic, smaller sections in order to highlight the key points and develop the fullest impact with the messaging.

Audience: This is an older audience of people who may be making huge decisions about their personal finances for the first time. They are rightly cautious about the advice they receive in the industry and seeing the CEO of the company face to face and hearing his passion we felt would put customers at their ease.

Marketing: The videos were created to be promoted through a partnership with Reader’s Digest UK.

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