Brexit Think Tank

February 6, 2019
July 12, 2023

At the time of launch Brexit information was at saturation point, but the CTSI Brexit Think Tank needed to get important messages out about how in practical terms the UK’s withdrawal from the EU would affect trading standards services’ ability to enforce regulations and protect consumers. We spoke to experts in nine areas most likely to see serious changes post-Brexit and collated their messages in a clear and accessible format in this web content hub.

We needed to take the messages to readers wherever they were, so we used print, web and video to get them out. For the website, we ran content on to separate purpose-designed pages, so that information about each area could be shared with those many interested parties who would have a special interest in one or other area. We also used the opportunity to run a virtual edition of the summary booklet, a PDF of the full report that we formatted in the same style, and video interviews we had conducted at an earlier meeting of the Think Tank.

The audience for the website would include was government ministers and public sector workers, but also trading standards professionals and interested consumers, all of whom might be well-placed to raise the profile of these crucial challenges facing the public and private sectors.

The content hub was organically marketed through the Journal of Trading Standards social media channels and through a dedicated email newsletter.

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