Delivery Law UK

February 9, 2019
July 12, 2023

Delivery Law UK is a website providing information to consumers, businesses and practitioners about their rights and responsibilities in relation to parcel delivery. We were asked to create a promotion for the website, explaining what the website offers.

We decided that a short video outlining in simple terms the problems that delivery Law is there to solve would be a good starting point, with a second video explaining the service in more detail once viewers understand what it is there to help them with. Video are an excellent and compelling way to share short, simple pieces fo information that would have little impact just in text form.

The service itself is aimed at practitioners, businesses and consumers. However, we knew that levels of interest were likely to diminish moving through that list in order and therefore, we aimed the video more squarely at practitioners, who in turn would play a significant role in raising awareness to the other two groups.

Animated Video Series
Animated Video